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Mineral Rebalancing & Cellular Regeneration

Mineral Rebalancing & Cellular Regeneration

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr.Linus Pauling; winner of 2 Nobel Peace Prizes

The Biochemic System of medicine is based primarily and fundamentally upon the “Cell Theory” of Virchow, a great Scientist. He pronounced that the body is merely a collection of cells, and that medical treatment should be directed towards the individual cell.  The “cell salts” as they are commonly called are the vital portions of the body, the workers, the builders. When a deficiency occurs in one of the 12 cell salts, some abnormal condition arises. Cell salt theory suggest that providing the missing nutrients to the cells through the administration of cell salts is how those abnormalities are resolved.

Jamila practices Goyetche Cellular Response Therapy, which uses the acronym of GCRT, is a modified version of tissue salts therapy, facial analysis, as well as the incorporation of kinesiology for identifying the individual’s needs and dosages, as well as sarcodes and nosodes.

Schuessler Tissue Salts

Schuessler tissue salts were developed in the mid-eighteen hundreds by a German medical doctor with the name of Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler MD. He identified the 12 main cellular nutrients lacking in unhealthy people, that were present in healthy people, and then he identified the indications of those deficiencies by way of health issues and disease that can or will occur during deficiencies. Since practicing, Goyetche has spent years confirming or disproving the indications that were listed by Doctor Schuessler which has ultimately resulted in a modified tissue salts therapy practice, which includes the 15 additional tissue salts founded in the early nineteen hundreds, and a couple of additional ones incorporated by Goyetche himself. ***Please note, that while homeopathy has adopted tissue salts as their own, tissue salts are not homeopathy. It is actually pretty much the opposite of homeopathy. It is functional nutrition versus the law of similars that are used in homeopathy. The only reason why they are potentized using homeopathic dosing is that this was the only method of dosing available in the mid-eighteen hundreds, low enough for the required human dosage of micronutrients.

Facial Analysis

Facial analysis, in the determination of tissue salt deficiencies, was developed by an avid follower of Dr. Schuessler, by the name of Kurt Heckethier. This associated distinct facial signs of deficiencies that were considered to be directly linked to specific tissue salt deficiencies. Once again, with the help of kinesiology-based testing, Goyetche tested the therapy to separate fact from fiction, and create a modified and far more simplistic approach to identifying high probability deficiencies, so that you can incorporate kinesiology to quickly identify the individual deficiency realities of your patients.


The kinesiology used in the Goyetche Cellular Response Therapy is that of muscle testing to identify what the body needs and what the body opposes, as well as proper dosing on an individual basis. When the exterior of the human body is exposed to any substance, it manipulates the cells and will provoke a short-term cellular belief of full exposure, and thus, when the body has that exposure, it becomes either very strong or very weak in the large muscle groups which is what basic muscle testing in kinesiology actually is. Jamila uses surrogate testing for testing infants or pets, health kinesiology for body scanning to identify probable points of health issues, different testing methods for seniors, uncooperative children, seated methods, standing methods, and even testing on an examination table to name a few.


Sarcodes are another one that was adopted by homeopathy, but really do not belong in homeopathy, because the only method of potentization, low enough, at the time that they became more widely used, was to use the homeopathy method of dosing. They actually go back to early Egypt, long before homeopathy ever existed. And these are actual biological samples from a cow, pig, sheep, or human that are potentized in doses that will either stimulate, normalize or sedate/detoxify, the same organ, tissue, gland, hormone, protein etc., that is being used. You should also note, that Jamila’s distributor does not use frequency-based sarcodes. They only uses real biological sarcodes.


Nosodes are also biological samples, but unlike sarcodes, nosodes are pathogens and only used at high sedation/detoxification potencies, because we never want to stimulate or normalize an infection, and this is the one that does follow the principles of homeopathy to a degree. This is where we can take pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and sedate the actual infection to allow the immune system the opportunity to detoxify and remove even small remnants of the infection itself. This is what you will be learning about, in greater detail, in this training