Self Charginr CIAS aka G5 – EMF Converter 15 Tabs Vial


Please see photo in full description below for more information!

These do not need charged as they are in a self charging case


Your Weight – Number Of Vials Needed
0 to 100 pounds – 1 Vial/bag
100 to 200 pounds – 2 Vials/bags
200 to 300 pounds – 3 Vials/bags
300 to 400 pounds – 4 Vials/bags


This is an experimental substance that makes no health claims, and is
not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or condition.The current
understanding or possibility of this substance is that it *MAY* convert
the EMFS from cellphones, Wifi and Bluetooth devices into health
positive energy, and I am only making this substance available to others
to experiment with at their own risks.

Further, any endorsements, testimonials or experiences posted about CIAS  by
others who have tested this substance may not necessarily be the same
opinions as the Founder, Tim Goyetche and Witch Dr Supplements Inc.

DO NOT purchase this test substance if you do not understand what has been declared in the Disclaimer above.

It is always best to check with your treating physicians before using any product that alters or optimizes your health. So we recommend that!

While no adverse events or side effects have ever been reported, with over 5000 people using these, to date, there are health issues or states of being where I would not recommend them to be used, such as.

  1. Epilepsy [or any seizure-based disorder/disease]
  2. Pacemaker [or any electronic, surgical implant]
  3. Pregnancy [effects are unknown]
  4. Breast-Feeding [Due to risk of detoxification from cellular activity]


Your Weight – Number Of Vials Needed
0 to 100 pounds – 1 Vial/bag
100 to 200 pounds – 2 Vials/bags
200 to 300 pounds – 3 Vials/bags
300 to 400 pounds – 4 Vials/bags
And So On…

These vials will last forever, as long as you do not open them, get the substance wet, and maintain them by recharging them for 10 to 12 hours every as often as you can. We typically charge hours while we sleep every night to ensure that they are working optimally.

These do not need charged as they are in a self charging case

When used for pain, the vial/vials (bag/bags) will typically be placed closest to the pain itself. The one exception to this will be when they are used on the spine to treat things like lower back pain that radiates down the legs and causes pain and burning sensations in the legs or feet. It is placed on the lower spine, or if you have neck issues that are causing twitching or referred pain down your arms, you will tape it to the back of your neck.

In the case of women, they are typically placed inside the bra or sports bra, but please remember that you will require an equal number of vials in each cup of your bra because if you do not, you will wind up with one breast that is firmer, lifted and slightly larger than the other. Yes, they lift, firm, and in many cases, enlarge the breasts slightly.

For men, you are probably going to need some kinesiology tape, and they can be taped to your chest or upper back. Again, when using on the chest, please place even numbers on each side. However, because you do not have the density of memory glands in your breasts, it will have little to no effect in making your chest larger.

These vials/bags can be placed anywhere on the body for this purpose, but these are the most typical places used. Some place them in their socks, while others place them in their tight underwear at the gym.

However, if you are working specific muscle groups, such as working your biceps, I would probably tape them near the shoulders. But if you are a runner, I would consider taking them on the lower spine or fronts of the legs for the absolute most optimal experience.

There have been extraordinary reports from the initial users, which I cannot repeat without getting into trouble, so I will simply put it to you this way. If you choose to, by your own free will, and not as a recommendation, attempt to treat an organ, gland, nerve, tendon, or other health issues with this substance, the reports have been that they simply place them on the external of the body, over the area of concern.

Substance Information and current understanding of CONSIDERATIONS.

1.This substance should never come in direct were close contact with
any magnet or it may render it useless and ineffective because it is
also dependent upon its ionic charge.

2. This substance should
not be ingested. There is nothing in it that should harm you, unless you
have an allergy to any of the substances within the compound, but it’s
not intended for internal usage only.

3. This substance will not
work without EMFs being present. If you try to use this out in the
wilderness, it is not going to work because it is dependent on EMFs to
be functional.

4. This substance should not be placed upon your body while you are in the shower. The shower head emits a great deal of
negative ions which will compete and may negate the charge of the main
mineral substance, rendering it useless.

5. Depending on your sensitivity levels to EMFs, you may be able to place multiple vials on
your body without issue and with a greater result, or you may have to
remove some of the substance from the vial in order to get optimal
results. The latter is somewhat rare but has been seen.

6. In the treatment of pain, the vials can be placed directly in the exact and
specific location of the pain, or they may be placed along the spinal
cord and the location of the vertebrae from which the nerves that feed
the pain location originate. I have posted this in the Facebook group
with a video and a chart to help you figure out how to do this.


1.These vial should not be used by anybody who is pregnant or plans to
get pregnant. They have not been tested in such an application and thus,
should not be used.

2. No person should use one of these
vials who suffers from any seizure based disorder. Although this is not
been indicated as an issue with any EMF therapy that I can find, it
hypothetically might increase the vibrations of brain cells and
neurological activity within the brain, and thus this should be

3. Again, there is been plenty of reports of
people using these vials with autoimmune disorders, but I will state
that if you experience any worsening of symptoms of your autoimmune
disorder you should stop using them immediately.

4. Although
many have posted that they believe that this substance actually helps
with their anxiety and depression issues, anybody diagnosed with a
mental health disorder should seek professional guidance, and speak with
their treating physician before using these vials and explain to them
that it may act in the same manner as EMF therapy.

5. No
person with a surgically installed electronic stimulating device such as
a pacemaker should ever use the CI active substance.

6. Those
with a hypersensitivity to EMFs may not be able to implement these
vials, or may need to reduce the amount of the substance in the vial in
order for them to be more effective.

Please don’t get rid of your gift. Understand it, accept it and let it be a part of you.

Refund/Return Policy: There will be no refunds or returns available.

Disclaimer: Product names or labels are not always indicative of the ingredients and the product name should NOT be interpreted as a function to cure or treat any disease.

While every ingredient arrives with an HM – DIN Health Canada Certification, no information that I provide is approved by, verified by, nor cleared by Health Canada or the FDA. Once the certified products are blended, they lose their certification, and thus, in accordance with Health Canada Compliance Regulations.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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