Silent Counseling™


45 Minute (please allow up to 1 hour) Silent Counseling session.

I will send you a link to schedule after you purchase.


Silent Counseling is a simple, soothing method that does not require people to talk about past traumas. It’s very effective for helping with issues such as fear, anxiety & panic attacks. This is the closest you will ever get to a multi-purpose healing tool. And yet it’s incredibly simple to learn.

Silent Counseling, allows you to release negative emotions that keep pulling you back – even ones where you don’t remember the cause, or can’t consciously identify it.

Where other methods rely on speaking, Silent Counseling uses a technique called muscle testing to determine the meridian points that require clearing and uses the body’s energy system to communicate the cause of blockages.

We don’t rely on our memories, which can be deceptive and incomplete. We learn to understand what the energies in our bodies tell us. Blocked energy is released and restored to a balanced flow using touch and deep breathing techniques. Silent Counseling gets truly incredible results very quickly – and remarkably easy.


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