Sacred Guide Potion #1 – 30ml oil based roll on


These are incredibly powerful energetic healers that touch on a deep soul and cellular level. They transcend the time space continuum to bring you the deepest shifts of anything I have created thus far.


These are more than flower essences and not my normal magical potions. They can not be recreated or replicated. They are hard to describe in words because they speak from a different vibration. They are made under specific energies and transits and have other infusions blended into them. Each is blessed and prayed over specific to the receiver.


Ya-Salaam- Invoking peace, health, prosperity, and a feeling of safety and much more.

This is the first public release of my “Sacred Guides”. This line is my most potent creation yet.

**This is for an oil roll on Potion.**


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Weight 5 oz


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Exclusive Blends

Made with Organic Flower Essences preserved in organic brandy