Quantum Diamond


Quantum Diamond – Illuminate Your Path and Enhance Clarity to Transform Your Personal Narrative.

*Please note* Your actual essence may vary from the pictures. There is an intuitive creation process that goes into  make these and I always make them as I am guided. The Core ingredients of the formula are the same but the actual crystals and flowers may be different.

Some of the core ingredients:

Diamond essence is renowned for its amplification of personal clarity and light. It’s like a beacon, enhancing inner vision and spiritual growth. It’s often used to fortify one’s resolve and purpose, bringing forth an alignment with higher consciousness.

Citrine, on the other hand, is like sunshine in a bottle. This essence is all about radiating positivity and abundance. It’s great for boosting self-confidence and creativity, and it’s often sought for its ability to attract prosperity and success. Citrine also helps in transforming negative thoughts into positive ones, making it a valuable tool for those dealing with anxiety or depression.

Both elixirs, when combined, create a powerful blend for those seeking both spiritual clarity and a joyful, abundant mindset.

We also add in Holly flower essence it is often heralded as a remedy for the heart. It’s particularly beneficial for opening up the heart space and fostering unconditional love and compassion. Holly is ideal for those experiencing feelings of jealousy, envy, or anger, as it works to transform these negative emotions into a more positive, inclusive love.

By adding Holly to the blend of Diamond and Citrine essences, we have a powerful trio that not only enhances clarity and joy but also nurtures a profound sense of heart-centered emotional balance. This could be especially effective for individuals working through emotional blockages or seeking a deeper sense of inner harmony and love.


Diving into the fascinating interplay between Human Design and flower essences in the emotional deconditioning process is like exploring a treasure trove of holistic health wisdom. Let’s unpack this!

Human Design is a bit like a cosmic blueprint for our individuality. It combines astrology, the I Ching, the chakras, and quantum physics. Think of it as a map that shows how we’re wired, highlighting our strengths, challenges, and potential. When it comes to emotional deconditioning – that process of shedding the layers of ‘not-self’ behaviors and reactions – Human Design can be a powerful guide. It helps individuals understand their emotional mechanisms and how they interact with the world, often spotlighting areas where they’re not in alignment with their true nature.

Now, enter flower essences. These gentle yet potent natural remedies work on an energetic level to balance emotional states. Each essence, distilled from a specific flower, carries unique energetic properties that can soothe, stimulate, or harmonize emotions. They’re like little drops of emotional intelligence!

When you combine these two, it’s like having a personalized emotional wellness toolkit. Human Design points out the areas needing attention, like a signpost saying, “Hey, you might feel out of sync here.” Flower essences then come in like nurturing friends, offering the exact energetic support needed for those specific areas.

For instance, someone with a defined Solar Plexus in Human Design might experience intense emotional waves. A flower essence like Elm could be used to ease overwhelm and restore confidence. Conversely, an undefined Heart Center might lead to overexertion in proving oneself. Here, a flower essence like Larch can help in fostering self-confidence and inner stability.

The beauty of this synergy is in its tailored approach. Human Design offers the insight, and flower essences provide the energetic support, together facilitating a deeper, more harmonious emotional deconditioning process. It’s like having a map and a compass; the map shows you the terrain, and the compass helps you navigate it with grace and ease.

This combo can be particularly powerful for those who are dealing with anxiety, stress, or PTSD. By addressing both the energetic and the emotional components, we have a more rounded, holistic path to healing and well-being. It’s a bit like being guiding  through a forest; you’re not just shown the path but also given the tools to enjoy the journey.

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