Quantum Money Bundle

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Money Activation Bundle

Money, money, money…Let’s call in more!!! This bundle consists of 2 Quantum Essences and 1 manifestation oil.

We have so many stories around money, what it is and what it isn’t…at the end of the day money is it’s own thing, It has it’s own frequency and it allows us to have less stress, more fun, more freedom, and so much more when we are in a healthy aligned relationship with it.

Are you ready repair the subtle energy body so you are more easily able call in abundance and prosperity?

Quantum Money Bundle:

1- 15 ml bottle Money Activation Oil

1- 1/3 oz spray bottle Abundance Activation Formula

1 -1/3 oz spray bottle Prosperity Activation

Please note Money Activation may look different than picture on site. They can not be duplicated as each one is a unique creation.

Please allow up to 48 hours processing time as these are made to order.

All essences are preserved in a small amount of organic brandy.


Introducing the Quantum Money Bundle:

Unlock the flow of abundance with our carefully curated Quantum Essences and Manifestation Oil. This bundle empowers you to foster a harmonious relationship with money, creating a path to greater freedom, fun, and prosperity.

🌟 **Money Activation Oil (15ml):** Anoint your life with abundance using this exquisite oil. Crafted from a blend of potent herbs, essences, dried flowers, and even a touch of gold, this unique formulation activates your personal money portal. Use it in rituals or wear it daily to align your energy with the frequency of receiving.

When you connect with Money Activation Oil, it whispers:
“Embrace money as your ally; let go of fear. It’s a beautiful exchange that enhances your life with options and empowerment.”

**Please note** that the Money Activation oil you receive may vary in appearance from the displayed image, as each creation is unique.

🌟 **Abundance Activation Formula (1/3oz spray):** Rediscover your birthright of abundance. Life’s challenges may have momentarily obscured it, but this Quantum Essence spray, infused with essences and gem elixirs, helps you embody the innate abundance that’s already within you.

The Abundance Activation Formula speaks:
“Abundance resides within; it’s not something external. Your essence is rich with potential. Claim the abundance that is inherently yours.”

🌟 **Prosperity Activation (1/3oz spray):** Some wonder  what the distinction between abundance and prosperity is. Abundance is the universal principle of limitless potential, while prosperity is its manifested form. This Quantum Essence spray aids in manifesting the tangible outcomes of your abundant mindset.

The Prosperity Activation Formula resonates:
“Step into your power. Shed the stories of lack. You are a creator. Deserve the material abundance that enables your freedom.”



Experience the Quantum Money Bundle and embark on a journey toward financial alignment and personal expansion.

Elevate your relationship with money, embrace abundance, and manifest prosperity.

Your journey begins with the Quantum Money Bundle.

These products are made to order, so please allow up to 48 hours for processing before they’re on their way to you.


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Made with Organic Flower Essences preserved in organic brandy