Healing the Witch Wound By Design

Products to support your journey through Karen Curry Parker’s Healing the Witch Wound By Design Course.

Accelerate Alignment, Awaken Your Magick.

When we are doing energy work it is important that we support our energy body through the alignment process.

“The Potions” or “Quantum Essences” and other tools offered by our own Jamila Jamie “The Potion Lady” are beautiful ways to deepen your alignment journey and help you get the most out of this program. They are an energetic match for the work being done in Healing the Witch Wound.
When we are doing energy work one of the best ways to anchor in and support change is to support the subtle energy body. That is where the Quantum Essences come in. They act as a brace or an energetic poultice if you will. Strengthening the subtle energy body while simultaneously clearing any energetic blocks we may not see by acting as an energetic tuning fork awakening our magick…aligning us more swiftly with our core essence…Who we be.