Meet The Potion Lady

The Potion Lady ~ Jamila Jamie

Quantum Energist

Master Healer & Teacher

I’m just your average everyday Sorceress.

A healer & lover of all things Quantum Physics, Energy, Human Design,  Alchemy & Magic – with a weakness for pit bulls, mysticism, Rumi, spreading love & doing my part to make the world a better place.

“Be Love-Lead with Love-Serve with a Loving Heart”

Do you feel stuck in your healing?

Have you hit a wall or come to something in your healing that you don’t feel you have the courage to go through alone?

It’s ok if so, even healers need a healer at times. A place to come exactly as they are where they are.

Sadly in the spiritual community many are looked down upon for not staying in that space of love and light 24/7. To which I call bullshit. Let’s face it, life is hard at times. We are living in times of extremes and many are experiencing deepenings and quickenings that are taking them to extremely painful and dark places at rapid speed. Yet when they ask for help they are shamed by their community for not using the law of attraction or whatever the next fad is to fix it and heal it.

If you find yourself in this position I would love to support you. I have a deep desire to be in service to others. Especially those who feel the “worse of the worse”, “helpless”, and “hopeless”.

I provide a safe space of support and healing for people who have come to a place in their healing that feels too much or even impossible to breakthrough.

I will hold you in my heart and walk with you through your “stuff”. Together we will shed light on the blocks holding you back and bring awareness to patterns keeping you stuck.

We will find the approach that is best for you and address the physical, emotional,and spiritual bodies. In doing so we will re-align you back to your Quantum Essence. Who you Be at the core of your Being. The heart and soul of who you are in the fullest expression of your authenticity.

Together we’ll clear the path and restore your vitality. We’ll also bring you back into your power so you can confidently and vibrantly fulfill your purpose and have some fun in this thing called life!

Isn’t it time you took the Quantum leap of faith? If so I invite you to schedule a free 15 minute call here with me to see if we are a good fit and how we can address your needs together to get you back in alignment with your Quantum Essence.

Jamila is certified as a Quantum Alignment System Teacher Practitioner & Coach, Homeopath, Flower Essence Practitioner, Facial Analyst and Tissue Salt Consultant, Human Design Specialist (Level 4), Healing by Human Design Specialist (Level 3), Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Angelic Life Coach, Human Design Teacher for Angels Teach, Minister of the Sacred Rose, Spontaneous Transformation Technique Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Facilitator, EFT Master Practitioner, Positive EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, +Heart Facilitator & Hypnotist. She is a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association, a licensed member of the Guild of Energist and a proud member of the Flower Essence Society.